Intergraph Smart P&ID

Intergraph Smart P&ID

The piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) is the detailed drawing of the process roadmap in an industrial facility. It shows the interconnection of process equipment and the instrumentation used to control those related processes. The documents are developed, accessed, shared and modified throughout the plant lifecycle from design to operation.



It really does not matter which task is performed. In all cases, focus
is the key to best results. Connecting these tasks in a smart way will result in better deliverables that will support your facility’s engineering, construction, and operations.


The latest version offers significant changes to boost data quality and productivity.

  • Engineering Data Editor reports honor display-applied auto filters to manage the desired display of the resulting reports.

  • Automatedvalidationwhenauserreplacessymbolsinthe drawing.

  • AutoCAD®andMicroStationexport-relatedimprovements.


Data sharing is the cornerstone of productivity and data quality drivers. Engineering is a team sport and communication is essential for a winning game.

Smart P&ID offers several options to facilitate communication with other disciplines. Smart P&ID is the baseline for the facility, so many look for data from the P&ID to drive their tasks and decision-making.


Smart P&ID is designed for the process, power, and marine industries and by the engineers and designers in those industries.

Smart P&ID has a proven track record over many years, successfully supporting projects from small to mega-size. Smart P&ID offers flexibility in deployment including options for a single office environment, worksharing, and the Intergraph Smart Cloud environment.


Today’s users expect a modern look and feel.

But more importantly, an interactive solution must be easily understandable by the engineers and designers using the software. This helps users to work as efficiently as possible without the confusion of too many options or complicated, IT-type terminology.


Gain value across the worlflow. Smart P&ID fits your workflow from front-end design all the way to operations and maintenance. Engineering is normally a process beginning with assumptions and ideas and ending in final and as-built design. Smart P&ID is designed to support this real world scenario.