Intergraph Smart® 3D

Intergraph Smart® 3D

Intergraph Smart® 3D is specifically designed to deliver mission-critical project requirements. It breaks through barriers imposed by traditional technologies to enable a truly iterative engineering design environment with an industry first Project / As-built capability. Smart 3D provides all capabilities needed to design facilities and then maintain their 3D “as-built” representations for downstream uses in the lifecycle


Unique Sustaining Engineering Capability

When coupled with other components of the Smart Enterprise users can unlock unprecedented Project /As- built capabilities that take data segregation, visibility and collaboration to a level never seen before in 3D modelling. Project managers, clients, vendors, and suppliers have an easier and better view of in-project work changes in both configuration and data. Allowing for better decision making and control of data access for downstream teams.

Full Laser Scan Support

Smart® 3D uses CloudWorx within the same modeling environment. Users can manipulate, measure, and obscure laser scans within the same modeling interface for a seamless approach to leveraging scans. Hexagon has also focused on reducing the administrative overhead of maintaining and sizing of the raw point cloud data so that designers can focused on designing.

Enforced Design  Rules Increase Data Quality and Ensure Design Integrity

Smart 3D ensures design accuracy and consistency through the enforcement of design rules. Smart 3D reduces design errors, minimizes engineering changes, and cuts down on rework. Design rule enforcement increases project quality and reliability by enabling faster and more efficient creation, transfer, and review of design iterations. All project participants can make informed and timely decisions throughout the project.

Design Reuse for a Competitive Edge

Capturing new and existing design knowledge so it can be saved and reused on future projects represents a key competitive edge in today’s fast-moving global economy. Smart 3D preserves the integrity of design data and enables reuse for future projects based on existing designs. This preservation of your corporate knowledge provides the ideal mix of continuity and innovation in engineering design for current as well as successive projects.

Global, Concurrent Engineering Capability Enhances Project Execution

Smart 3D’s global engineering and data reuse capabilities substantially reduce engineering costs and shorten project schedules. Project databases may be replicated anywhere in the world to facilitate sharing of work or to transfer work to remote locations. All sites are automatically updated with the latest design changes in real-time.

Project Transparency Maximizes Communication to Minimize Delays

With Smart 3D, in combination with SmartPlant® Foundation or HxGN SDx®, you can execute more effective design reviews using 3D technology with comments and feedback beginning at the earliest stage of a project. You can consult all involved parties from the owners during initial design. This is when you can implement changes at a lower cost and with limited schedule impact compared to traditional 2D design systems.

Multi-discipline Design for Better Decisions

Smart 3D provides a true multi-discipline design environment where all designs are fully visible to all parties at any point in time. You can make early and informed decisions about system design by reviewing the model with the owner and other key stakeholders at various design stages. Quickly and easily change the model and BOM based on a variety of scenarios across multiple disciplines. This ensures both the design company and the owner can make the best decisions for both businesses.

Better Training and Operations for Increased Safety

Having an accurate and representative 3D model early in design facilitates safety and operator training at an early stage. You can minimize change requests late in the project when costs tend to be much higher. Equally important is the ability to review constructability and modularization options in design. This helps you better plan downstream activities ranging from fabrication to transportation to constructability. Such forward visibility not only promotes better cost control and schedule adherence but also enables construction safety reviews executed well in advance of that phase of the project, ultimately resulting in a safer, more secure project site.