CAESAR II features the only bi-directional link between analysis and CAD design, allowing engineers and designers to easily share information while keeping the drawing and related data in sync.

Data Input

CAESAR II makes it easy to input and display all the data needed to accurately define a piping system analysis model

Cutting-edge Graphics

Experience large-scale improvements to the 3D model graphics, including faster response times to model actions, refreshes, and improved new real-world representations of valves with new symbols showing displacements, rotations, forces, and moments on the piping model.

Analysis Options

Users can analyse the effects of wind, support settlement, seismic loads and wave loads.

Error Checking and Reports

The integrated error checker analyzes the user input and checks for consistency from both a “finite element” and “piping” point of view.

Material/Assemblies Databases

Table look-ups for piping materials and components are offered, plus expansion joints and structural steel sections.