CADWorx® Design Review

CADWorx® Design Review Professional


Quicker Review Cycles

Collaborate and review designs more quickly and intuitively with CADWorx Design Review with tools for markups, design comments and redlining.

Ideal for Multi-model Designs

There is no need to manually load the separate model files that make up a design. If files are externally referenced, these are automatically included in the review model.

Support for BIM Environment

Take advantage of IFC export capability. You can open exported CADWorx models into a BIM collaboration environment.

Stunning Performance

The intuitive interface of CADWorx Design Review and its performance-based design makes manipulating and moving around models quick and easy.

Accurate Visualisation

Powerful visualization tools provide settings for color, transparency, model shadows, layers, specs, service and line numbers.

Intelligent Information

Component names and descriptions, line numbers, weights and other plant design data are all available as you would have within a design session.