PV Elite 26: Pressure Vessel Design Workflow with User-Driven Features

At Cortex Engineering, we understand the importance of providing pressure vessel design engineers with the most powerful and efficient tools. That’s why we’re excited to unveil PV Elite 26, packed with a suite of new features directly inspired by your valuable feedback!

PV Elite 26

What’s New?

1. Wind Design Gets a Boost: 2020 Edition Code for Mexico

Conquering wind project designs in Mexico just got easier. PV Elite 26 now incorporates the 2020 Wind Design Code, a much-requested addition championed by a leading industrial service consortium in Latin America. This ensures seamless compliance and simplifies your workflow, allowing you to focus on what matters most – innovative and efficient wind energy solutions.

2. Clamp Connections: Expanding Your Design Horizons

PV Elite/Codecalc takes a leap forward with the ability to analyze clamp connections according to the stringent requirements of ASME Section VIII, Div 1, Appendix 24. This highly sought-after feature, requested by vessel designers, empowers you to confidently design for a wider range of industries, including pharmaceuticals and food & beverage.

3. Cone Definition Made Easy: Embrace Design Flexibility

Say goodbye to time-consuming calculations! PV Elite 26 introduces the flexibility to define cones based on either half apex angle or two diameters and cone length. This user-driven enhancement streamlines your design process and eliminates the need for external calculations, allowing you to focus on crafting optimal cone geometries.

4. In-Depth Fatigue Assessment: Extend the Life of Your Vessels

PV Elite 26 empowers you to perform a detailed fatigue assessment based on EN 13445-3 Clause 18. This advanced analysis takes into account the impact of specific operating conditions, potentially extending the lifespan of your pressure vessels. This feature was implemented based on feedback from a leading manufacturer of high-integrity pressure vessels.

5. Enhanced Design Code Compatibility: Unlocking Design Freedom

Experience greater compatibility with the design codes you rely on. The method of dimension calculation for dished ends is now available for the PD.5500 design code, previously limited to EN 13445. This enhancement, requested by an international pressure vessel manufacturer, caters to your diverse design needs across various industries.

Take Your Designs to the Next Level with PV Elite 26!

Upgrade today to harness the power of these innovative features and unlock a new level of design efficiency and accuracy.

PV Elite 26 is a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement driven by your needs.

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