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“CADWorx 2014 Plant Professional offers a highly capable piping and structural solution at a cost-effective price,” “The efficiency gains driven by the new features have been outstanding.”
“The advantage of having these basic specifications out-of-the-box is that there is no need for us to create specifications when producing tender models, which saves a lot of time,”
Tautor also noted the inclusion of I-Configure as a major advantage. This graphic user interface allows easier setup of ISOGEN® Style Sheets, while providing many additional options above and beyond the Project Manager Interface.

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“The decision was obvious, based on my experience with CADWorx Plant Professional,” said Guiney. “I was impressed by the solution’s ease-of-use and
Given the positive experience noted on the Mackay fuel import terminal, Puma intends to use Hexagon CADWorx to drive efficiency and accuracy on these upcoming projects.
It also plans to standardise all future greenfield and brownfield projects globally on CADWorx solutions. ability to produce quick and accurate deliverables.”
“CADWorx Plant Professional played a pivotal role in helping us to deliver the project quickly and accurately,” said Guiney. “We were able to complete a full model of the terminal –
including all piping, structures, cable ladder, pipe supports, and equipment – using the one package.”

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“The large temperature differential combined with the significant space restrictions made conducting a thorough pipe stress analysis using CAESAR II a fundamental design requirement for the project,”
said Promech Director, Ciaran O’Leary. “It is the leading pipe stress analysis solution on the market and it’s not hard to see why – CAESAR II performed excellently.”
“Iterative design requires seamless integration between software packages, so the bi-directional links between CADWorx Plant Professional and CAESAR II were a major selling point for us,” said O’Leary.
“Rather than building two separate models, we were able to move a single model between each software package. This saved us an immense amount of time and minimized the potential for errors.”

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