Keep Engineering Locally Campaign

Cortex is a supplier of sophisticated engineering software tools used across a wide range of industries such as oil & gas, mining, pharmaceuticals, marine, defence and aerospace.

 We are very concerned about the amount of Engineering work that is being sent off shore. Typically this offshoring is done by the larger multinational engineering houses in an effort to lower the cost of their services which are artificially high due to the high salaries paid to their non-billable upper management. This effects the employment rates of Engineers here and also the amount business for all companies in the industry chain. In the long term it has the potential to erode the engineering capability that Australia has and put us at a disadvantage to countries that have put appropriate investment in their engineering industry.

We note the current initiative by various bodies for a revitalised focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) and how a country with high STEM capability will be well positioned for success in a world with ever increasing technology requirements and discoveries.

We are looking for ideas on how to develop this campaign to encourage companies to have work carried out locally, rather than being sent off shore.

 Keep Engineering Locally Campaign


  • Retain Engineering skills and experience locally
  • Reduce unemployment amongst the Engineering community though more work being available
  • Provide training on design and drafting tools to increase work opportunities for unemployed
  • Provide work and career opportunities for young Engineers
  •  Help maintain a career path for STEM graduates in line with current initiatives already under discussion

Promote the benefits of having work carried out locally

  • Availability of many highly skilled and experienced Engineers who can complete work rapidly and cost effectively
  • Integrated Design and analysis software tools are available that provide that provide efficient work flows for small to medium size jobs
  • Local rapid communication for Concept and Design changes, Design checking  and implementation
  • Many small start-up companies being formed from Engineers from larger consultancies, can carry out all size jobs economically  due to reduced overheads, Engineering experience and software efficiency skills