What is AxiPRO?

AxiPRO is a computer program designed to analyze axisymmetric geometries including flanged joints. The flange components are modeled using the finite element method to ensure accurate modeling throughout all ranges of flange sizes used in industrial applications with accounting for external loads, pressure, temperature and bolt preload.

AxiPRO is a Microsoft Windows(R) application that runs FE/Pipe in the background. Results are presented in graphical, tabular and animated three dimensional views. The methods used in AxiPRO also uses nonlinear gasket properties based on additional tests at the Paulin Research Group Laboratory.

What are key AxiPRO capabilities and features?

Accurate Calculations of Stresses and Rotations in API, ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47, DIN or User Defined FlangesAllowable External Forces, Moments or Torsional Loads on Flanged JointComparisons Between American and European Flange Rules (EN 13445 Annex G, ASME BFJ, ASME Appendix 2)Flange Geometry and Gasket Property DatabasesFugitive Emissions (OSHA, DOT, US Code of Federal Regulations)Gap SurfacesLiquid Leak Rates Through Flanged JointsNonlinear Gasket PropertiesStresses in Large Heat Exchanger Models.