AFT Titan

AFT Titan

AFT Titan is a software tool used to intelligently size piping and ducting systems to minimize cost. It offers a dramatic improvement to the traditional design process. Built on the advanced flow analysis and system modeling capabilities of AFT Arrow, AFT Titan can simulate your piping system in complete detail.
Intelligently size your entire system

  • Intelligently size your entire system
  • Identify critical cost saving opportunities in your system design
  • Evaluate the most cost effective trade-offs between system component sizes
  • Automatically determine the best possible sizes for pipes, ducts, compressors and fans, valves and other components
  • Understand what really drives your design


  • Experiment with operating conditions and scenarios
  • Easily change system input data, including valve positions, pump operation, control set points, pressures, temperatures and more
  • Model a wide range of system components for both design and operational cases
  • Vary your system line-up: open / close pipes and valves, turn pumps on or off, set control valves to fail position
  • Specify alerts that automatically highlight output values that are out of range for flow, pressure, velocity, pump efficiency and more
  • Select pumps from online manufacturer catalogs
  • Compile catalogs of your frequently used piping components and select them from a drop down list
  • Address the viscosity and frictional changes associated with pumping non-settling slurries and a variety of other non- Newtonian fluids
  • Calculate the cost of system pipes and components
  • Import piping layouts and dimensional data from GIS shapefiles

Typical Applications

  • Minimizing the initial cost of your system
  • Minimizing the life cycle cost of your system
  • Meeting specific design parameters of your system including minimum pipe weight, volume or surface area