Design with confidence using AutoCAD 2016

Create more precise, detailed drawings in even less time with the world’s most trusted design software


Create stunning designs

Design and visualize virtually any concept with 3D free‑form tools: • Bring your ideas to life with presentation-ready graphics and 3D printing capabilities • Situate your designs in real-world settings with Coordination Model and Reality Computing

Document precisely

Speed documentation by automating common tasks and streamlining workflows: • Create construction-ready documentation automatically from AutoCAD® 3D models • Work faster with more intelligent tools, including Smart Dimensioning and Enhanced PDFs

Customize your software

Configure AutoCAD software in ways you never thought possible: • Customize AutoCAD to help meet your unique needs with Autodesk Exchange Apps • Receive notification of unwanted changes to your system variables with Sysvar Monitor

Connect more quickly

Engage with colleagues using connected design technologies: • Help ensure file format compatibility and reliability using TrustedDWG technology • Share hyperlinks from AutoCAD to PDF viewers with Enhanced PDFs • Connect your workflow across integrated

AutoCAD Desktop Subscription

AutoCAD rental plans provide access to the latest updates and releases on a termed basis to help you spend less up front and meet project needs: • Stay current with the most recent releases and automatically receive updates • Receive setup support from Autodesk to get you up and running quickly • Access Autodesk® A360 project collaboration software and gain 25 GB of cloud storage • Enjoy flexible licensing rights and scale up or down depending on your workload*

Take your drawings everywhere with AutoCAD 360 mobile

What is AutoCAD 360? : Take your AutoCAD drawings everywhere with this free**, easy-to-use mobile viewing and markup application.

AutoCAD 360 offers: The ability to view, edit, and share AutoCAD drawings • Simplified on-site redlining, as-built documentation, and design review and approval • Integrated sharing tools that let AutoCAD 360 users collaborate on drawings in real time • Anytime, anywhere access to drawings with built-in cloud storage† Visit to learn more and download the mobile app for iOS and Android.